A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player. These are typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.
A conference room with a fantastic view is available and podcast studios are made available for both individuals and groups. Our studios have been treated with colorful panels with sound deadening material for quality audio recording. If you are a repeat customer and have a preference, let us know and we will make it happen.
We recommend you arrive at least 30 minutes early. During this time, we'll discuss your pocast, you tell us a bit more about your topic, and format if that has not already been worked out in advance. Once the scheduled time has arrived, we will make our way to our assigned studio. After setup and an initial mic check to ensure our equipment brings out your best voice, the mic is yours.
In most cases you'll be abke to take your audio file with you in the .mp3 format, either on an SD card or flash drive, we can also email you the audio file. The .mp3 file is what most if not all online platforms require.
If you happen to lose your USB device before uploading the new content or are unable to access it for some reason, we retain your files for up to 1 year. We will only delete your recording prior to this retaining period at your request.
No. If you are able to operate a mixing board (RODECaster Pro), or have a personal engineer, be our guest. However, you will be responsible for any damage that may occur if you or the engineer accidentally spills a beverage on the board or any damage occurs to the sliders or other components on the board.
If you offer a product or service you need 2 important things: 1) you want prospective customers to know that you exist, what problem you can solve. And 2) you need them to trust that you're the one who can help them. Using a podcast, you can provide free information to reach a bigger audience, by informing them you have the expertise and knowledge over the competition and this builds trust and confidence with your audience, episode by episode. When they finally decide it's time to hire someone to help them solve their problem, guess who will be front of mind?
Yes! That's part of what we do. StudioBVentura is equipped with skilled audio engineers and talented graphic designers to assist you in creating your music and podcast cover art to stand out amongst the crowded field of podcasters.
Depending on the plan you choose StudioBVentura will assist you in creating marketing materials, video, and audio you can share on your favorite social media sites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else you have a following. We do all the heavy lifting by handling your podcasts distribution to Spotify, Google Podcasts, Audible, Apple Podcasts, and others.
We have 4 mics available. We can accommodate up to 4 total guests in the studio.
9am to 6pm M-F. Sat. 10 - 4. Sun, by appointment only.
Our studio has invested in professional equipment giving you the highest quality recordings. A typical setup for a 2 person podcast in the studio would include Rodecaster Pro Console dual dynamic mics and premium noise-isolating headphones for monitoring your voice. For video, we utilize three 4k cameras that provide seamless video streaming. Green screens and lighting can be made available with prior notice.
Podcast strategies can bring many benefits to your company or organization. 1. Podcasting helps establish you as the leader in your field and credibility in the marketplace. 2. It is a cost-effective way of marketing and building your brand. 3. Creates the opportunity to build a customer base while building your brand. 4. You have the ability to target and expand your message to the right audience. 5. It is better than the high cost of video production. 6. Gain a reputation with your followers as the expert. You can also bring in other experts to help tell your story or sell your service or products. 7. Podcasts can be filled with rich SEO content. 8. People are choosing a form of entertainment that involves no visuals when we live in such a visual world. However, this is precisely why podcasts are successful, you can listen to a podcast no matter where you are. This makes them perfect for people with long commutes, people can listen to a podcast while driving, biking, cooking, or even a work. 9. You wouldn't think so, but many people find podcasts comforting. The sound of people’s voices talking in the background is enough to put them into a focused state, at work, at home, while running and doing errands, it’s unlimited the time and place where you can listen to podcasts, making it the premier media for reaching out to customers who need your product, service, and expertise.
Yes, we encourage you to bring props, free-standing posters, or other items that add character to your podcast, so long as they are not too large or difficult to move. We do ask that consideration be given to the amount of time it may take to arrange your set, as we would not like this to interfere with your recording time. Flat-screen televisions with HDMI inputs are available in most conferences rooms.
Yes! We are able to Livestream from our facilities.
We are pretty flexible. If you are unable to make a scheduled appointment, let us know up to 4 hours in advance to accommodate this last-minute change. Cancellations after this grace period will incur a fee of $75 fee, depending on your reservation. Our producer's time will still need to be covered.
We are working on securing a Spanish-speaking host. However, if you would like to produce a Spanish-speaking podcast, we can definitely help you record, edit and distribute your podcast to the world, via Spotify, iHeartRADIO, Apple Podcasts, Amazon, Stitcher and other popular online platforms
The short answer is: yes! StudioBVentura ensures your podcast is reaching the biggest audience possible by getting you on all the major (and even some of the smaller) players, such as Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and more!
While lots of companies focus on producing your podcast episodes, StudioBVentura specializes in helping you drive thought-provoking conversions from your podcast. We'll help you create a strategy to get more leads. This includes what you tell listeners, why they should listen to what you have to say, why you’re the leader in your field and ultimately why you can be trusted. Communication is key finding the 'right' audience.
No problem! StudioBVentura has all the necessary equipment and audio engineers to help you get started with your Podcast.
Yes. 4k is an option for your podcast session. If you’d like to record your session in 4k you can select the 4k production add-on when you go to book your session.
Yes. We can connect your guest remotely If your guest has a webcam we can get their video on the podcast as well.

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